Dr. John Randall - Zyvex Labs
Digital Atomic-Scale Fabrication

Dr. Kathryn Loving - Caribou Biosciences
Gene editing: past, present, and future

Dr. Andreja Jovic - Levitas Bio
Label-free isolation of cells using magnetic leviation

Prof. Hartmut Haeffner - UC Berkeley
Quantum information and a Michelson-Morley test with electrons

Prof. Adam Abate - UC San Francisco
Quantitative biology with droplet microfluidics

Prof. Evan Reed - Stanford University
A guided safari through the properties of over 1000 2D materials revealed by data mining techniques

Prof. Michel Maharbiz - UC Berkeley
Recent advances in neural dust: towards a neural interface platform

Prof. Mary Scott - UC Berkeley
Atom-by-atom characterization of nanomaterials with STEM tomography