Friday, May 5th, 2017

at Quadrus Conference Center, Menlo Park


8:00    Registration


Session Chair: Prof. Jie Yao

                         UC Berkeley

8:20  Welcome Remarks and Introduction

Prof. Jie YaoUC Berkeley

8:30  "Nonequlibrium lattice dynamics measurments at x-ray free electron lasers"

Prof. David Reis, Stanford University

9:15   "Nanomaterials in Sensors and Electronics"

Dr. Meyya Meyyappan, NASA Ames

10:00  Coffee Break, Poster Session 1

Session Chair: Prof. Jonathan Fan

                         Stanford University

10:45  "Hybrid plastic-based MEMS devices for biomedical applications"

Prof. Dorian Liepmann, UC Berkeley

11:30  “Advances In FPGA Device Architecture

Dr. Mike Hutton, Intel



Session Chair: Prof. Alberto Saleo

Stanford University

1:15  Luncheon presentation:

         “Machine Learning for Autonomous Systems", Dr. Aleksandra Faust, Google (Waymo)

2:00 Refreshments, Poster Session 2

3:00 Award session

        Dr. Ning Cheng, Intel

44th Ross Tucker Award

8th Ralph Krause Award

8th Best Poster Award

Session Chair: Prof. Drago Grbovic

         Naval Postgraduate School

3:15  “Optoelectronic Device Applications of Metafilms"

Prof. Mark Brongersma, Stanford University

4:00  “Studying the Neural basis of Complex Spatial and Acoustic Behaviors – in Freely                 Behaving and Flying Bats"

Prof. Michael Yartsev, UC Berkeley

4:45  Closing remarks

         Dr. James SpallasKeysight

Dragoslav Grbovic,
May 4, 2017, 11:45 PM