The Electronic Materials Symposium is an inter-disciplinary conference that presents a broad spectrum of expert views on problems at the intersection of electronic materials and devices. The one-day symposium seeks to inform participants about challenges that excite today's materials scientists through a series of invited talks by experts in their respective fields.

The 46th Annual Northern California Electronic Materials Symposium, co-sponsored by TMS and IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section, will be held at Benson Memorial Center in Santa Clara on Friday, May 4, 2018. The program features presentations on advanced electronic materials processing techniques and devices, and analytical techniques by outstanding speakers who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. Registration will begin at 8:00 am.


"Gene editing: past, present, and future", Dr. Kathryn Loving - Caribou Bioscience

"Digital Atomic-Scale Fabrication", Dr. John Randall - Zyvex Labs

"Isolating tumor cells from whole blood using immuno-magnetics", Dr. Andreja Jovic - Cytomag

"A guided safari through the properties of over 1000 2D materials revealed by data mining techniques", Prof. Evan Reid - Stanford University 

"Quantum information and a Michelson-Morley test with electrons", Prof. Hartmut Haeffner - UC Berkeley

"Quantitative biology with droplet microfluidics", Prof. Adam Abate - UC San Francisco

"Recent advances in neural dust: towards a neural interface platform", Prof. Michel Maharbiz - UC Berkeley

"Atom-by-atom characterization of nanomaterials with STEM tomography", Prof. Mary Scott - UC Berkeley

The registration fees for the 2018 EMS meeting are as follows:

General: $110 (after May 2nd - $125)

Graduate Students: $70 (after May 2nd - $80)

Retired: $100 (after May 2nd - $110)

Undergraduate and High School students: $50 (after May 2nd - $60)

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Vice Chair

UC Berkeley

The Electronic Materials Symposium Committee exists to promote the understanding of electronic materials within the industrial and academic communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. This committee organizes the annual Electronic Materials Symposium, featuring presentations on advanced electronic, magnetic and optical materials processing, characterization and devices by outstanding speakers who have made significant contributions to their fields. Proceeds of the symposium are used to support electronic materials research and education in local universities.